The Energy Daily Announces The 2010 Leadership Awards

Most Dynamic Energy Practice

The Energy Daily’s panel of judges has chosen Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP as the Most Dynamic Energy Practice for its key role in the development of the innovative Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) project, the 350-mile offshore transmission line proposed to serve wind farms planned off the Mid-Atlantic coast.

The $5 billion project, which is backed by a consortium that includes Google Inc., Good Energies, Marubeni and Trans-Elect, has been hailed by federal, state and industry officials as a major step forward for their efforts to site thousands of megawatts of clean wind generation some 15 miles out to sea between New Jersey and Virginia.

“Conceptually, it looks to me to be one of the most interesting transmission projects that I’ve ever seen walk through the door,” said Jon Wellinghoff, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). “It provides a gathering point for offshore wind for multiple projects up and down the coast.”

In addition to providing efficient delivery of offshore wind power to shore and smoothing out variable electricity production by aggregating power from numerous wind turbines, the AWC is expected to improve power reliability along the East Coast by providing a new north-south transmission route that can relieve congestion on the on-shore grid.

The AWC project was initially conceived by Dewey & LeBoeuf Special Counsel Markian Melnyk when he was researching his 2009 book, Offshore Power.

Eli Farrah, a Dewey & LeBoeuf partner experienced in FERC transmission cases, then joined with DC Interconnect, an engineering design firm that specializes in high-voltage, direct-current power lines, and Trans-Elect, an independent transmission developer, to form Atlantic Grid Development LLC, the project developer for AWC.

Dewey & LeBoeuf is leading the complex regulatory case for AWC, filing with FERC for incentive rates last year and handling all permitting, licensing, contracting, siting and tariff issues for the first-of-a-kind project. It also will manage project financing and construction arrangements when regulatory approvals are received.